Personalised Yoni Pendant

To deepen the relationship between you and Yoni - we can create a pendant specialized for you.
Send us a description of how you would want your pendant to be and we will make a personalised Yoni Pendant.

Sit down and feel into these questions...

What colour(s) is she?
How are the nuances within her?
What are her tones, tastes, mood?
How does she feel?
What are her qualities?
What is she expressing/representing to you?

You can also send a drawing or photo to:

Your Yoni- inspirations will be honoured to the highest, and all shared information will off course be kept confidential and removed after immediately after the creation.

The honouring is  within you answering the invitation to sit down and deepen this relationship with yourself and the vastness of the Yoniverse.

(Amount requested in exchange: 55 Euros)

Thank You!