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We offer workshops on feminine embodiment - where a combination of movement exercises and bodily awareness supports us to deeper connection with our inner selves.
We wish for women to know themselves deeply and come to trust with the body and the authentic self as an inner compass to help guide through-out life.  Through the deepening of awareness we can free shame and fears and open to new unfoldings with curiosity.

We hold space for you to feel safe to express, eager to transform, and supported to renewal and re-connection to your Yoniverse - whatever you find there.

We also offer workshops on request in Copenhagen, DK - for parties, retreats, or for educational purposes.

An informative talk by Penelope, on the different types of Yonis and their ways to experiencing pleasure.

Make your own Yoni-pendant. A fun and explorative way to deepen your relationship with the Yoni. We bring material for you and your group.

/// WOMB Meditations
An Inner guided Journey to explore your relation to your womb. Often a beautiful and transformative experience.

The Offerings can be packaged by one, two or all modalities by your wish.

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