In sanskrit Yoni is described as "sacred space”  or "the source of all life"

The Yoni

The Yoni, the womb, the vulva is the origin of life, the place of all creation. It is a place we all have a relation to, and she moves us in many different ways. From societal and cultural values and believes, to personal relations and deep emotional connections. From the mother, the woman, the lover, the slut, to the Yoni - that also is the door to a sacred space of the universe.
She holds all various sensations from pleasure to pain, joy and shame.

In celebration of the vast variety of the expression of the feminine our Yoni Pendants are created in a wide variety of shapes and colors - dedicated to the beauty, mystery and uniqueness in each one of them.


The pendants open conversations you might not have had without one. We want to encourage openness and curiosity on vulnerable topics around the body, thoughts, feelings, intimacy, and sexuality.


We have found importance in creating and continuously growing a nourishing relationship to the Yoniverse in our lives.


Our Offerings

Ida Kristiane

Ida is a psychomotor bodytherapist. Supporting women to anchor in their inner selves and the magic within both through art and healing modalities . She is passionate about awakening the knowledge, wisdom and healing powers of the feminine realms.

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Penelope is educated as a sexologist. She enjoys sprinkling refined and pragmatic knowledge about the yoni through Pussy Talks and Body Awareness. She encourage people to self explore the beauty and innocence of their sexuality.


    We offer different healing modalities, courses and workshops in order to connect deeper with sensuality and feminine embodiment. Accessing intuition and inner guidance is key in our work.

    See more about actual offerings under Workshops.

    One on One Sessions
    You can consult to work with us through online sessions, as well as in person.